The World Food Prize is awarded for a specific, exceptionally significant, individual achievement that advances human development with a demonstrable increase in the quantity, quality, availability of, or access to food through creative interventions at any point within the full scope of the food system.

Fields of achievement include, but are not limited to: soil and land; plant and animal science; food science and technology; nutrition; rural development; marketing; food processing, packaging and storage; water and the environment; natural resource conservation; physical infrastructure; transportation and distribution; special or extraordinary feeding programs; social organization and poverty elimination; economics and finance; policy analysis and implementation; and public advocacy.

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Factors Considered by the Selection Committee in Choosing a Laureate

The Selection Committee will consider the number of people affected by the nominee’s achievement as well as the extent of the change they experienced as substantial factors in evaluating the relative significance of the various individual achievements being considered.

Substantial weight will also be given to the complexity of the problem and the degree of difficulty involved in achieving success. Similarly, consideration will be given to the degree of ingenuity and determination of the nominee in attaining this change or advancement.

If the Selection Committee judges that the accomplishment was simultaneously  attained by two or more individuals working separately, the Selection Committee may recommend that the Prize be shared.

In exceptional circumstances, the Selection Committee may also decide to recognize two or more individuals in the same year for: their separate, independent accomplishments in a common area of specialization; or their work in different areas of expertise, which contributed to a significant positive impact in a common country or geographic area, or in a common cause.

It is intended that all elements of the food system be recognized at some point in the awarding of the Prize. In weighing the merits of nominations, consideration may be given to attaining a balance among all segments of the food system in the selection of the Laureate.

The Prize recognizes achievements made by individuals working in every part of the world, representing the diversity of the global food and nutrition security community. The Prize aims to give due recognition to individuals of diverse geographic areas, as well as gender, age, race and ethnicity.

The Selection Committee especially welcomes the nominations of individuals who have worked across political boundaries to feed hungry people in a way that promotes peaceful resolution of conflict, which would emulate Dr. Borlaug’s accomplishments in spreading the Green Revolution for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

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To be considered, nominations and all seconding and supporting documents must be submitted by May 1 of the year for which they are to be considered. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

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