USADF and All On are excited to request proposals for the USADF-all On Off-Grid Energy Challenge. Proposals are invited from eligible Nigerian off-grid energy companies. Selected enterprises will receive funding in the form of convertible debt and grant capital.

To be considered for the Challenge, applicants must be 100% African-owned, majority Nigerian-owned and -managed private companies registered in Nigeria and must be operating in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Off-Grid Energy Challenge is a joint initiative of the United States African Development Foundation
(USADF) and All On and is designed to achieve the following results:

  • To increase electrical generation to unserved and underserved communities through sustainable
    business model solutions;
  • To expand electricity access – delivered through off-grid solutions such as home systems or micro-grids;
  • To increase access to electricity for productive and/or household use – while this may include power to
    meet household consumer needs, emphasis is also given to the delivery of power to productive or
    commercial activities including agricultural production and processing, commercial enterprises, and

Apply: Black Ambition Prize 2021 – up to $1,000,000 in funding


Winning applicants will receive:

  • An investment in the form of a convertible loan at an affordable interest rate and/or an equity
  • Seed capital from All On in the form of grants, and from USADF in the form of Community Reinvestment
    Grant (CRG) funds. The CRG intends for grant recipients to recommit a percentage of grant funding to
    a local organization to further support community-level projects in Nigeria
  • Access to intensive local technical assistance and governance support.

Apply: Ashden International Awards For Green Entrepreneurs 2021 – £20,000


Winning proposals must:

  • Further develop, scale up or extend use of proven technologies for off–grid energy in Nigeria.
  • Benefit marginalized, or low-income rural or urban populations currently underserved by utility
    companies, ideally with a focus on benefits to women and girls and communities in the Niger Delta.
  • Demonstrate financial sustainability or the potential for financial sustainability. The proposed
    investment period must include approximately three months of generation of electricity (or generation
    of energy) and revenue/cash flow from sales.
  • Demonstrate a proven track record of experience or have project sponsors or partners with a proven
    track record of related experience.
  • Propose a budget of no more than US$100,000. Proposals with budgets greater than US$100,000 must
    bring leveraged resources from one or more other sources that meet the total financing requirements.
    Leveraged funds from other private sector and donor sources are encouraged.
  • Demonstrate clearly whether and how many new connections will be added, as well as potential for
    future replication. A “new connection” is defined as new mini-grid connection or home system installed.
  • Applications for projects/ businesses leveraging wind, hydro, biomass, and gas as the energy source are
    greatly encouraged.
  • Women-owned or -managed business is a plus.

Apply: UNAOC Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF) 2021 – Grants of up to USD 25,000

Applications will only be considered if:

  1. They are 100% African-owned and passports or other government-issued IDs showing citizenship are
    o All shareholders, members of the board and senior management must be citizens of a subSaharan African country and a majority must reside in Nigeria;
  2. They are majority Nigerian-owned and -managed (senior managers);
  3. They express clearly how they will benefit marginalized, grassroots people in Nigeria, including also
    ideally showing demonstrable positive impacts for female beneficiaries and people living in the Niger
  4. They express clearly how they will achieve profitability;
  5. They are fully and legally registered in Nigeria and the registration is submitted;
  6. They document adequate expertise in the field they are proposing or document how they will acquire
    the necessary expertise;
  7. They plainly document how they will we use the USADF/All On investment funds to carry out their

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