Sassa loans for child grant

The sassa child support grant is a monthly amount you can get if you are a single parent or guardian. The amount depends on your financial situation, on the number of children you have and on whether or not you receive a child support grant for more than one child.

How to apply for Sassa loan for a Child Grant

  1. The individual in charge of the kid has to be a South African citizen, a refugee or a permanent citizen
  2. Both the child and the parent must have residence in South Africa
  3. The same person who takes care of the child is the one who should apply for the grant for the kid.
  4. The kid couldn’t have been born before 1993.
  5. In case the applicant has children who are non-biological, a top of six children will get the grant

Just in case you’re looking for the SASSA contact number or SASSA contact details for SASSA grant enquiries, or the SASSA website or SASSA Twitter, and other news on Sassa SRD Grant payment use the link below;

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