SASSA’ Application Complete’ R350 Grant Status Means?

So you’ve submitted your R350 grant application and you then head in and do a SASSA grant status check. Your SRD grant application status might reflect as ‘Application Outcome’ here’s what that means.

Now that the SASSA Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is in full gear and R350 grant applications have been submitted, you might be doing a SRD grant status check.

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Once you check your R350 grant application status and you see ‘Application Complete’, it seems pretty self explanatory. Let’s look further into that.

‘Application Complete’ means that you have completed the reapplication process and after this, you will then be verified every month after that for the grant. This then means that you won’t have to apply every month, should your application be approved.

So what do you need to do then? 

All you need to do is check your verification and payment status each month using the SASSA SRD website.

Once you’ve been approved, it’s important to remember that there is no set SRD grant payment date. SASSA has said that if your application has been approved, you will receive payment for it. You do however then have to wait for an SMS notification of payment from SASSA.

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