There is a difference NSFAS will block/lock your MyNSFAS account. Look closely at the message you see in your account. Does it say it is blocked or locked because of the wrong password? Or do you want to change because you recently changed your phone number? If your account is blocked they ask you to send an email to The National Student Financial Aid Scheme has introduced a new system in the form of NSFAS Chat to replace the old way of emailing and sending messages through the NSFAS connect system. So what changed? how do you unblock/unlock the NSFAS wallet, using the new system, NSFAS Chat?

In this email, you’ll need to provide them with the following details;

  1. Your ID number and a copy of your ID
  2. Your full name(s) (all of them) and your last name
  3. The phone number you registered the MyNSFAS account with
  4. The email address you registered the MyNSFAS account with
  5. Your physical address, where you live or postal address
  6. Description of your problem, What did you do to block your account, and how they can assist you?

There is a higher probability of getting your account unblocked/unlocked if you provide them with all the correct information. Your issue may last longer than you thought if you keep sending the same query message more than one.

For more information on NSFAS please click HERE


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