It’s a demand in South Africa that everyone’s SIM cards want to be RICAed. So, after activating your Vodacom sim card If you’ve got not, then it’s something which you want to do. Vodacom a telecommunication business based in South Africa offers services to over 55 million subscribers with voice, message, internet, and integrated services. It’s simplest to RICA your Vodacom SIM in a Vodacom Shop. You also can do it online by taking the subsequent steps;

  • Make sure that you have your South African ID or a passport nearby. Also, make sure that the packaging in which you bought your SIM is on hand.
  • Next, you will need to install the My Vodacom app on your device. This could be another phone using another SIM.
  • Sign in and click on more.
  • Go to Chat to Vodacom.
  • Type “Self RICA.”
  • Follow the instructions that you get from TOBi.
  • You will need to take clear pictures of the required documents as part of the process, so be prepared to do so. Your phone needs to be up to the task.
  • You will get an SMS notifying you that your RICA has been successful.

How long does it take for a SIM to become active?

In general, RICA registering a phone happens within 2 hours. However, you should be prepared to wait up to 24 hours.

So, that’s the time that you should wait for the process to get completed. Once the process is successful, an SMS will be sent to the number that was used to register your new SIM.


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